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The capital has the most European influence in South America. This place is a conjunction of customs and European architecture. This setting, which land is “La Pampa”, offers the visitor the curiosity, the joy, the beauty and the nostalgia of “tango”. The canteens of “La Boca” neighborhood, offer endless activities concentrated in “La Recoleta” or “San Telmo” which are traditional places of colonial architecture and of stories, legends and tales of “guapos” and “malevos”, characters from the beginning of the century that have inspired the romanticism of writers such as Borges.


Coming to Argentina’s northwest, means getting acquainted with a great region dominated by the Andes and its amazing sceneries. This region is a land of extraordinary beauties such as sheer canyons, majestic snowy peaks, combined with cacti, dormant volcanoes, and whimsical and contrasting geological formations with spectacular moon landscape. The very best of Northwest Argentina consist of wild animal life, contrasting national parks, the peace of the Salinas (salt desert), and interesting archaeological sites from millenarian Andean cultures. 


One of the most interesting options located when travelling to the South of the Northwest Region are the amazing natural reserves, where curious geological formations play with the visitor’s imagination. The Talampaya National Park with its magnificent rock formations has proved to be a very enjoyable site for geology lovers. One of the area’s main attractions are the impressive cliffs and the variety of fantastic shapes resulting from erosion.
Talampaya is an extraordinary natural monument.



Center : This is a beautiful region with wide valleys, high plains, streams and rivers. Cordoba city, founded in 1573, was the center of the cultural life of the country since the colonial times. At present time it is a modern and dynamic city proud of a past full of history.

Cuyo : The main wine producing provinces are Mendoza and San Juan. “Good sun and good wine” regions! The imposing Aconcagua peak is 6.959 m. height. It is the highest peak of the Andes and one of the highlights from Cuyo.


The Iguazu Falls are located in the middle of a tropical forest, on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The wild beauty of 275 cataracts 80 meters high, along a natural amphitheater 2,700 meters in diameter in the heart of a tropical paradise.


Pampa is the land of the Gauchos. It is a very large fertile plain and a land of cattle breeding. San Antonio de Areco is the most representative city with museums and all traditions. It is also in this region that we discover the most beautiful Estancias in the country.


In this beautiful place called “Península De Valdez” (Valdez peninsula) you will travel by boat in order to admire the incredible “ballena franca austral” (Eubalaena australis), which is a kind of whale, as well as sea dogs and “elefantes marinos” (Mirounga leonina).


From here you are invited to a marvellous land which has the capacity to amaze and stimulate men’s imagination. The knights of the XVI century have called this place “Patagonia” because the magic of these lands led them to fantasy and the story-telling, customs, legends and myths of ancient inhabitants. To visit this region means to admire the different landscapes, resources and environment of this beautiful place and also the tenderness of the local people will make you feel as if you were at home.


This trip offers different beautiful landscapes that allow you to admire the city portrayed in a “Andino-Austral” territory, unique in Argentinean views. In the city, you will visit “El Museo del Fin del Mundo”, the military penitentiary and recidivist’s prison. You will arrive to this place via railway and you will taste an exquisite tea at the foot of “Martial” glacier.

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